Playing Football
The Mumbai Way

Plying their trade in the Super Division of the Mumbai Division Football Association League, the Mumbai Ultras were born with a singular vision, to give the City of Dreams a local team to root for, one which rises through the ranks and will one day play in the highest division of Indian football.

Our History


Born in 2020, Building for the future

Mumbai Ultras Football Club is an Indian professional football club based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The club competes in the Super Division, the second tier of the Mumbai Division Football League.
Founded in 2020, the club was formed with the aim of developing football at the grassroots level, instilling football culture in region and giving the city another club to root for since the demise of legendary Mumbai FC.
Formed under the aegis of Marwah Sports from the Marwah Group of Industries, the club has a vision to ply its trade in the I-League and create a pathway for youngsters to get into the sport and turn it into a full-fledged career.
The club is currently managed by Head-Coach Prashant J Singh and boasts of a roster of Mumbai’s finest.
The carefully designed crest of the Mumbai Ultras team reflects the values, heritage and history of the city of Mumbai.​

Mumbai Culture is Football Culture

From the dunes of Madh Island and the tree-lined grounds of Borivali, to the sands of Chowpatty and the back alleys of Dharavi, from the gothic lawns of South Bombay churches, to the koli villages of Bandra, you’ll always find a bunch of kids playing the beautiful game in some or the other corner of the city, be it with a ball, or with a plastic bottle, or with a broken twig. Sometimes, even the pebbles aren’t spared.

Football culture suffuses each and every part of the City of Dreams, kids with their eyes in the sky, dreaming of playing in the English Premier League and beyond.

But the city doesn’t have enough clubs at the highest division of the game in India. Mahindra United has passed into the ether and Mumbai FC isn’t functioning anymore either. The City of Dreams needs a club for its denizens to dream towards. One where they can see themselves playing in the future.

And that’s where the Mumbai Ultras come in.

Define: Ultras:

Ultras are a type of association football fans who are renowned for their fanatical support. 

That’s us. We’re your club. And we’re fanatical. About you, about the city, and about the Beautiful Game.

We’re here to bring about a football revolution. To change the game, to change lives.